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Planned Litters

Chocolate Litters the end of May 2018

If you are interested in adopting a Liberty Creek Puppy,
please fill out our Puppy Adoption Application


Our primary objective is to improve the quality of the breed. Our goal is to breed for a perfect blend of type, genetic integrity, good temperament, and structure soundness.

The Labrador Retriever is a unique breed of dog. They are sweet, outgoing, gentle, extremely intelligent, adaptable, and very eager to please. They are without a doubt unlike any
other breed. Whether they are used for, show, hunting, obedience, agility, assistance, therapy, guide dog, tracking, narcotic detection, search and rescue, or just as importantly as a companion, their gentle ways, intelligence, and adaptability, makes them the ideal dog.

At LIBERTY CREEK LABRADORS, we teach them to retrieve at a very young age, compete in the show ring, and participate in many other activities as well.  we usually only have one litter at a time, allowing me to give each puppy 100% of my total attention and care, ensuring the maximum socialization for each puppy, which is important when they go to their new home.

Through selective breeding and conscientious breeding practices there is a greater chance of improving and maintaining positive traits in the Labrador.  we follow the breeding practice of Mr. Lloyd Brackett.

Liberty Creek puppies are not kennel puppies, but instead are raised in our home, and are socialized accordingly. All of our Labrador Retrievers only go to SELECTED HOMES. The only reason we breed is to produce the finest Labrador Retrievers possible, in type, temperament, and health.  We are  trying to keep our bloodlines free from any genetic flaws, and diseases, which of course produces, healthier, better looking dogs.

We am VERY concerned with our puppy’s well being, not only from the time they go to their new homes, but for their entire life. We care where our puppies go and want to be sure they are taken care of, physically as well as emotionally. They are our "Babies". We work hard studying and planning their breeding, We deliver them, and supplement their mothers care. we have to feel that the potential puppy owner is the right person and their intentions for the puppy are appropriate.  It is OUR choice where they go and at any time we reserve the right to make choices for our pups that we feel are in their best interest including the choice not to place a particular pup with a particular family regardless of prior agreements. In such cases where we choose not to place a pup all monies are of course refunded."  No matter how old the puppy, if they need us, we  here for them.

We take into consideration the person's lifestyle and family composition in determining which puppy will be placed in which home. Their personalities are displayed very early and compatibility between the puppy and the new family is extremely important and with a little assessment very easy to achieve.

We  work hard to raise and produce the very finest Labrador Retrievers possible, to treat everyone fairly, and to do whatever we can to help people in their selection of a happy, healthy puppy.

All Liberty Creek breeding stock are:

OFA  X-Rayed Free of Hips Dysplasia
Eyes Are: ACVO;CERF 
Up To Date On All Current Vaccinations
Given Preventative Deworming Medication Monthly
Are Proven To Be Of Sound Temperament
Are Representation of Breed Type

If you are interested in adopting a Liberty Creek Puppy,
please fill out our
Puppy Adoption Application

Note: Completion of the puppy client information form does not guarantee a future puppy.  


Liberty Creek Labrador-Approved Dog Toys!

Everyone is ALWAYS asking what toys we recommend for labs.  We will have available for purchase a variety of lab tested and approved toys.  We have put together an essential puppy tote with everything you will need for keeping your puppy well groomed.

Available for Purchase as a Package for $100

Includes 6' braided leather lead, double tooth rake, zoom groom, kwik stop, nail clippers, natural water buffalo bully horn, cotton rounds, alcohol, stuff toy, Liberty Creek Tote.

Additional toys will be available for purchase when you pick up your newest family member.

Do NOT give your puppy or adult any form of rawhide or rope toys.


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