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We take very seriously the responsibility of placing our puppies in the most loving and nurturing homes. We realize the process is daunting to some, even extreme, but we find the more effort being made to ensure our puppies will be living with a family that is dedicated to a long healthy future with their pet, the better opportunity we all have of success.

Copy and paste this information below for your email:

  Contact information for where the puppy will be living:

  City, State, Zip
  Telephone numbers:

  How did you find us?

  Why did you decide on a Labrador Retriever for your new pet, and have you familiarized yourself with the characteristics of the Lab?

  Have you owned or do you currently own other dogs?                    How many?             What breeds?

  Will the puppy share a home with others besides yourself?     

  Do you have a preference for color or sex of your new puppy?

  • Chocolate Male
  • Chocolate Female
  • Black Male
  • Black Female
  • Chocolate - no sex preference 
  • Black - no sex preference
  • Male - no color preference
  • Female - no color preference
  • No sex or color preference
  Are you applying with hopes of adopting a puppy from a certain litter or wanting to apply for the next availability?


  Are you aware of the costs involved in veterinary care, purchasing a quality dog food, possibly boarding while you are away?

  • yes
  • no
  What are your and your spouse/partner's professions and are they conducted outside the home?

  Will there be someone at home to supervise the puppy during the day?
  • yes
  • no
  How long will puppy be on his/her own on average during the day?
  • hardly ever - someone will be at home with the dog most days
  • four hours or less
  • eight hours or less
  • more than 8 hours
  • I intend to take the puppy with me to work or most places I travel
  Will the puppy reside indoors or out?
  • indoors with the family
  • outdoors in contained area with insulated dog house
  Do you have a fenced yard or fenced, dedicated space for the puppy exercising and eliminating?
  • yes
  • no
  If so, please describe...


  Have you ever given a pet away?  If so, what were the circumstances?


  Do you live in a ...

  • home
  • apartment

  Do you...

  • own
  • rent

  What do you do for exercise?


  Will your family schedules and obligations allow for the time and opportunity to include the puppy in many of your activities?
  • yes
  • no
  Are you prepared to purchase a crate/kennel for the puppy's training and protection?
  • yes
  • no
  Are you willing to enroll in an organized obedience training with your puppy to help create a well behaved and sociable companion?
  • yes
  • no
  Will all members of the household be aware of/participating in the training so puppy does not receive conflicting information of what is and    is   not   acceptable behavior?
  • yes
  • no
   How long do you expect house training to take?

   Is it your desire to have the dog involved in..
  • obedience
  • conformation
  • hunt/field work
  • search & rescue
  • agility
  • family companion
   Is it your commitment to spay/neuter your Liberty Creek puppy? Not recommended before two/three years of age!
  • yes
  • no
   Are you willing to provide us with feedback at regular intervals as far as the puppy's social/physical development and how the puppy is           adjusting to his/her new home? We would like to receive pictures and hear from you!
  • yes
  • no
   Do you understand that even though we have taken the time and expense to engage in extensive multi-generation health screening before mating our Labradors there can be no guarantee that the puppy/dog purchased is completely free of genetic defect?
  • yes
  • no
   If approved, how do you plan to get your new puppy at eight weeks of age?
  • pickup
  • ship
Do you have any comments you wish to share?

Send Adoption Application via e-mail
Liberty Creek Labradors
Betty Baker
Indianapolis, IN 46268

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